​​Dance With Danielle is a community based and family-oriented recreational dance studio for all ages. We provide students with the leading dance techniques and knowledge, creating poise and self-confidence while enjoying the activity of dance and developing a passion for the arts. ​

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Class descriptions


​2020/2021 Season Begins September 14, 2020!

Dance Class at DWD

All dancers must wear appropriate dance clothing. No baggy shirts pants or jeans. Must wear fitted dance bottoms and tops to each class.

Ballet dress code: Leotards with tights or solid color leggings with fitted dance top. Ballet skirts are optional.

Ballet Shoes: Pink
Jazz Shoes: Tan
Tap Shoes: Tan
Lyrical Shoes: Tan
​Acro Shoes: Tan
Hip Hop Shoes: Black


Learn the basic dance tricks and proper techniques such as: forward rolls, splits, cartwheels, bridges and handstands.  As students gain strength and flexibility, they will begin learning more advanced and challenging tricks such as walk-overs, ariels, and more.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.  Its precision prepares and trains dancers for all other styles of dance. Ballet focuses on creating strong, controlled movement with proper form and technique.

Hip Hop

Seen often in popular music videos, concerts and other broadcasted dance, hip hop stems from the roots of jazz dance.Hip Hop combines bold and supple movements and is performed mostly to quick, upbeat music.


Classic jazz dance is one of the most wide-spread styles of dance.  Having many different styles and being influenced by many cultures, jazz is very versatile. You will learn many basic steps and techniques from beginner to advanced!  Turns, leaps, jumps, style, attitude and grace are just a few of the things that encompass jazz dance!


Lyrical is a mix of ballet and jazz dance, graceful yet modern, lyrical can range from slow to very quick paced choreography.  Lots of leaps and turns in a flowing, fluid movement are seen in lyrical dance!


​Our pointe dancers must be at least 15 year old and have a minimum of 3 years of ballet experience.  Pointe is done in a hard shoe that allows dancers to stand directly on the tips of their toes.  Dancers must be invited into the class as it is imperative to have the correct technique, strength, and understanding of this diligent type of dance.


Our youngest dancers begin with ballet to teach them the basic movements, terminology and principles of dance.  We add the fun of tap dancing to this class to help them find rhythm in music as well as have fun making noise with their feet! Creative games and other activities to build motor and social skills are also a part of this beginners’ class.


Dancing in tap shoes, that are designed with metal on the toe and heel, creates rhythmic sounds by feet movement.  There are many different styles and techniques to tap dancing!


A form of jazz dance stylized for on-stage performances! Your favorite broadway hits and musicals will be heard in this fun and diverse class!

Toddler & Me

You’re never too young or old to dance! This class is for those under the age of 3 that are starting to move and groove to music! Accompanied by their caretaker, these little ones will explore new movements, music, friends and more while actively participating in this class!
*One adult per child is required for this class

Combo Classes

Combo classes are to give young dancers the privilege of learning two different styles of dance in one weekly class. This gives them a chance to explore the dance world and what fits their style best!​