2019/2020 dance Tuition information

Registration Fee $15.00 per family due at sign up (non refundable)

Tuition Rates:
Discounts applied to 2 or more weekly classes per family
1 Class $487                4 Payments $122.00

2 Class $944                4 Payments $236.00
3 Class $1,270             4 Payments $317.50
4 Class $1,693             4 Payments $423.25
5 Class $2,092             4 Payments $523.00
6 Class $2,511             4 Payments $627.50
7 Class $2,929             4 Payments $732.25
8 Class $3,347             4 Payments $836.75

9 Class $3,765             4 Payments $941.25 

10 Class $4,182           4 Payments $1,045.50 

Season Begins on September 9, 2019! 

Dance with Danielle Dress code

All dancers must wear appropriate dance clothing. No baggy shirts pants or jeans. Must wear fitted dance bottoms and tops to each class.

Ballet dress code: Leotards with tights or solid color leggings with fitted dance top. Ballet skirts are optional.

Ballet Shoes: Pink
Jazz Shoes: Tan
Tap Shoes: Tan
Lyrical Shoes: Tan
​Acro Shoes: Tan
Hip Hop Shoes: Black

2019/2020 Dance Schedule

55 Eagle Rock Avenue, East Hanover, NJ 07936, USA   |   862.701.5088   |    dancewithdanielle2@gmail.com

Pay Year in Full Discounts:
Pay the year in full by September 1st and receive 5% discount on the year.

1 Class $462.65    
2 Class $896.80
3 Class $1,206.50       
4 Class $1,608.35       
5 Class $1,987.40       
6 Class $2,384.50       
7 Class $2,782.55       
8 Class $3,179.65
9 Class $3,576.75
10 Class $3,972.90

Tuition Payments Due: 
1st of September, November, January, and March 
Late Fee of $15.00 will be added to any payments received after the 
15th of tuition month

Costume Deposit: 
$50 per costume is due November 1st

Costume Balance: 
Due is January 1st 
​Amount to be determined based on consume pricing, balance is less than $50 per costume

To register for class, log in to parent portal or create an account

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Studio Policies & Procedures 

  • Tuition paid in full (year in full) must be paid IN studio to receive discount
  • Proper dance attire is required for each class
  • All costume payments must be paid in cash or check only
  • Costumes can not be taken home until fully paid for
  • Ticket codes for recital will not be given out until family balances are paid in full (tuition, costume, supplies)

Withdrawing from a class
The studio must receive notification via e-mail 10 days prior to withdrawal. You will then be sent a confirmation for any remaining balance due or refund applied.

Any dropped classes AFTER November 15th are still responsible for costume deposit ($50 per class). Classes dropped after December 1st are responsible for full costume payment.

Makeup Classes
If a student misses a regular scheduled class they are able to make it up in a class of the same level and subject. If you would like to makeup a class please let the studio know a week prior.

Unscheduled Studio Closings
You will be notified via e-mail no less then two hours prior to the class start time for any unscheduled studio closings.

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