How to attend online Pilates classes online:

1. Register for Pilates class on Mindbody 

2. Check email for Zoom class login and info

3. Attend class at home through Zoom

4. Feel great!


Pilates for the mind & body

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Due to social distancing, DWD is offering Matt, Barre, and Fusion classes online​.

To take classes online, see step-by-step instructions.

Pilates is NOW online

Pilates of NJ @ DWD

Drop-in Class - $10  |  4 Classes - $32  |  10 Classes - $70

If you do not use the full package by the time we are able to return to the studio your remaining amount from online classes will be applied to your in-studio account and can be used for any service in the studio.

Pilates is a series of exercises that works the mind and body with a multitude of benefits:

Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk.

More defined arms, abs, legs and glutes

Reduce stress, relieves tension, and boost energy

Create a stronger, more flexible spine and helps restore postural alignment

Increase joint range of motion, enhance mobility and improve circulation

Develop functional fitness for daily activities.

Correct over-trained muscle groups that can lead to stress and injury.

Helps relieve back pain and joint stress with deep stretching

Engages the core abdominal muscles that will improve the way your body looks and feels overall